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8 hour (New York) $US Dollar price per ounce
A pennyweight (ab. dwt.) is equal to 1.5552 grams. 24 grains

Historically, a penny's weight was literally (as well as monetarily) 1/240th of a troy pound of sterling silver.  While "dwt" is the most common abbreviation for pennyweight (as "d" was the abbreviation for "penny" in the pre-decimalisation British system), some sources list "pwt" or "PW" as an alternative.                                                     
1 Pennyweight Au $50
1/4 oz Au  (5 pwt) $250
1 oz Au  (20 pwt) $1,000 
  • Clean fine gold can be sold at 80-100% daily spot price prox. (depending upon the Buyer).
  • Smaller to medium sized nuggets (apprx.1-pwt.) can be sold slightly over spot.
  • Medium sized nuggets (1 - 5 pwt.) generally sell for 10% over spot.
  • Half ounce nuggets or larger typically command 1 - 3 times spot.
Dollar values are conservatively figured at;  $1,000.00 oz.
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